FEP Expected Print Life?

I’ve done about 7 successful prints on my Phenom, but the last 3 i have attempted have all failed due to coming off the build plate. I’m wondering if the FEP film is causing too much force to release the layer that it is the cause of the failures.

What is the expected print life of the FEP film?


I have a moai 130 and after each print I scrape the build plate of any resin and before the next print I coat the build plate with resin to ensure there is no surface tension or air trapped between the plate and vat when it lowers down for the first layer. Also temp is critical in the moai, if it is too cold prints seem to fail. 80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

How many prints do you get before you need to change the film?

I probably had thirty prints with the original fep before it ripped. Since then I have had many issues but not with the fep that I can tell. My issue now seems to be getting mirrors perfectly clean. I am going to try a recoated pdmf vat this week🤞