Feature Request - PM Motor Up Speed

When printing with a low PM Motor speed required for the FEP vat, much of the layer time is taken by the vat tilting.

As far as I understand, the slow speed is required to minimize the suction when peeling the vat away from the print. This means that the vat only needs to be moving slowly when peeling away. It would be nice if there could be a default faster speed for when the vat is tilting back up in order to shave a couple seconds off each layer.

With a PM Motor Speed of 10, I’m looking at about 24 seconds per “peel”. Increasing the PM Motor Speed to something like 20 during the upwards movement would shave about 6 seconds off each layer, or about 1.6 hours per 1000 layers.


that’s not a bad idea, thank you, we will remember that when we update the firmware.

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yes good idea ,changing some option during print could be also helpfull
Laser power ,PM speed (and Z position if first layer appears too near of the plate)

I’m asking that since forever… apparently it’s not gonna happen

Many settings would be very helpful to have in gcode, but I believe it would require a new control board with more storage and processing power.