EZ Level Plate question

Noob here - I’ve just completed building my first Moai, and ran through the calibration steps for the EZ Level Plate with the FEP vat. I’ve not put the sides and top on yet.

When looking down from above, it’s obvious that the build plate is not square in the vat, it’s canted about 6-7 degrees toward the front left of the vat. Is this normal, or should I ensure that the plate is square before attempting a test print?

Silly question I know but it seems to me that if I’m expecting accurate prints then everything should be aligned properly to start with.


Do you have a photo of the issue?
Personally, I found it necessary to get everything calibrated with the standard build plate first, Then switching to the ez level worked out finally. I do imagine you shouldn’t have any canting but check with the standard plate first. If you have a pdms vat, I would check that too to see if the issue is in the plate alignment or in the vat placement.

if it’s the shape of the build plate you are talking about, if you have already pushed it all the way than it’s ok to print, the only thing got affected is your print area

Thank you for the replies, and I think I’ve found the culprit.

Looking at the first picture, you can see that the plate is off center, but I discovered that I can move the bed around to square it up. The standard plate and vat fit nice and square.

Take a look at the second picture, and you can see why - the standard vat is larger than the FEP vat, so there’s no way that it’s not going to be square since it has the proper width to fit the platform properly…

I’ll follow Kyle’s advice and switch back to the standard plate and vat and see if I can print the test file.

thanks all!

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