EZ-Bed Leveling


So I fallowed the instructions for the EZ-Bed Plate in the PDMS vat. So first run yielded nothing for the DIY_Test Print. So the instructions state go back to step one. Am I to assume that I need to now empty the PDMS Vat and clean it out and start back at step 1. Or is it just as easy to take out some of the resin and push the plate down and try again?

Background Purchased Moai last spring and have yet to pass the leveling phase of this machine. I came close last fall after purchasing another Vat to eliminate possibilities. but to no luck. I’ve tried printing off calibration knobs instead of using the screwdriver… I’ve used the spreadsheet wich helped get me to 3 corners but the couple prints i tried failed… so I need all 4 corners to work. Seriously this machine is so damn finicky its unbelievable. I built a heated cabinet to keep it at 80 Degrees F. I keep at it with a few months in-between… But after purchasing the EZ-Plate I’m hoping this finely resolves potential issues that I just can’t nail. I’ve already waisted 1/2 liter of Clear Resin and 1 Litre of Neon Green Resin on test towers alone. I think If I can’t get this by the end of the month I will be giving up on this project. I have other hobbies that are more productive that waisting resin on a mountain failed test prints.

Not trying to sound like a pessimist but this printer has put my patients the ultimate test.



You are supposed to empty the vat when relevelling with the easy level plate.

You also should not touch the screws underneath when doing the EZ. I would suggest putting the normal build plate in, and trying with that, and level the vat properly again. Then once this works fine, we can go back to sorting the EZ.



Are you suggesting to level the vat like as in put it upside down and the nuts will but barley be touching the frame with the original build plate? Then try installing and leveling the EZ-Plate. Makes sense…

Or are suggesting to try getting PDMS vat and the original plate to work as in printing correctly then switching over to the EZ-Level Plate Because if this is the case this hasn’t worked which is why i purchased the EZ-level Plate. Which makes zero sense to do that…



it’s not necessary to redo the leveling with the standard build plate again,
the important thing is not to adjust the screws WHILE you do the ez plate leveling.
you will have to take all the resin out, clean the vat with ethanol or IPA if it’s not clean, you can wipe it using a wetwipe then let it dry

yes, it’s best to start over, we will always be here to help you

pictures of the failed prints would better to indicate the problem.



I will take a picture of what I currently have when I get home. I know I didn’t adjust any screws. But I didn’t Reset the vat level to a base line start. So it was at wherever I had issues and gave up and pulled the out build plate out and threw the EZ-Plate in with clean PDMS vat. So Thats my mistake… I was pretty tired and didn’t see that in the Instructions. And wasn’t thinking of treating it like a fresh build.



Here is the vat and plate.



This was on the plate.



you have a similar problem to this post:[Solved] First time leveling, FEP and easy-level, too little pressure?
if the pillars are too high or low, adjust them using the z reset position, 1 value= 0.1mm
try to have this step perfect, most problems comes from leveling, temperature or PM motor speed