Extra resin curing on fep

Hi all,
New to resin printing, I have Phenom but I am having trouble with the FEP sheet having resin cure on the FEP sheet - its not the first base layers sticking to the FEP. Its like its happening after. The file prints fine for the most part with a few artifacts but I think those artifacts are happening because there is some resin curing over the time of the print on the bottom of the fep sheet. I have solid adhesion of the models on the base layers to the build plate.

There are a couple considerations on my part:
*maybe the layer exposure is too high either on base layers or later layers (Monocure Rapid Resin, 100s Base, 8s after)
*I am storing the filtered resin in a clear container but stored in a dark cool place, wrong way?

Any ideas or suggestions for a newbie would be great.

thanks all.

hi, the exposure of the bottom layer is a little high, and the resin can be stored in a dark place. If you need help, please contact me support@peopoly.net