Exact thickness of spacer: Moai 200

Hi all, I was one of the first to pre-order the moai 200, and the early versions came with the standard glass plate with just fep over that. I later ordered the advanced PDMS plate and installed that, had nothing but issues with that, switched back to the glass plate and FEP. I’ve now bought a second advanced PDMS plate, because the first one started to have resin creep under the cushion / FEP layer under the FEP Sheet.

I’ve installed the pdms plate and added a new FEP Sheet over top…later to find out that after adding a whole bottle of resin, it has leaked into the bottom chamber. It seems the acrylic spacer stretched the FEP sheet so much that it tore where it meets the aluminum frame. It puts tremendous pressure on the sheet to the point where I have to apply way too much torque to the screws to get the metal plate to lay flat.

I need to know what’s the thickness of the acrylic spacer square? Mine is 5.5mm to 5.7mm

Here’s a couple of pictures showing how high the spacer is before I put the last metal plate on.
Seems way too high for me, I’ve already ruined a brand new FEP sheet because of this, and I’m not stretching the film tight when i’m installing, it actually has a good bit of slack in the sheet before I place the advanced pdms plate on.


the spacer is made so that you don’t need to try stretching it before assemble
you just need to make sure that there is a little bit of tension and no wrinkles

That’s exactly what I’ve done I did not even stretch the FEP just laid it on with the silicone seal then put the screws in. It’s that tight as pictured.

most likely that was a bad film, the FEP is made to stretch

FEP on glas:

  • Take care for the right assembly sequence
  • My glas has different edges: Be sure, that the side with the roundings are on the fep side
  • Take care for the correct position of the silicone gasket (white in the picture, the fep-film is shown in red)

My spacer is 6 mm thick. When I change the fep, I don´t tension it totally. I position it on the gasket with a light sagging. Then put the frame on it. With the tip of a hot soldering iron I burn the holes for the screws in the fep. Then I made the final steps for tensioning and assembling of the vat.
Until now I hadn´t any leakage problem with my vat. Hope that helps.


Thanks for that diagram, and taking the time to measure your spacer. Appreciate the work!

One note that’s a little different is I’m a using the glass with the pdms on it and it only goes one way against the fep, no different edges. With that additional pdms it stretches it very far.