Everclear to clean?


Can anyone confirm they’ve used 190 proof everclear liquor (190 proof 92.4% ethanol) for cleanup? I’ve found a supplier for 100% ethanol, but ethanol is $30/liter where everclear is only $20/liter.

I’ve seen several people mention everlear tongue-in-cheek, but it does seem to be the cheapest source of ethanol that I can find so far.


I use Everkleer as a cleaner. (Probably its only legitimate use.) It works. Just remember you cannot dispose of the liquid via domestic drains in many jurisdictions. I absorb liquid waste into cat litter and discard in solid waste.

If you can get an industrial permit, you can buy industrial ethanol. But, the permitting is expensive and the record keeping can be a lot of work.


I prefer to use absolute ethanol and can confirm that it works great. Everclear is almost the same, so I would use it without hesitation.


Ethanol = denatured alcohol. You should be able to get it at Home Depot for about $15/gallon.
It’s best not to use any liquor regardless of the % of alcohol because it also contains sugars and other junk.


The problem with denatured alcohol is that the denaturants include oils and long chain alcohols. The oils can foul the print and the alcohols can etch acrylic. To make matters worse, the denaturants vary based on local laws.

Everkleer is ~95% ethanol (basically the azeotrope of ethanol and water). Whatever sugar content is present has not been an issue.


I use 153 proof ABC Grain Alcohol. It is ethanol an water (no additives). It is illegal to sell spirits of greater than 153 proof (76.5%) in my state. I could buy 200 proof, but would need to register as a lab and then industrial grade ethanol is much more expensive.

The 153 proof works very well. I have also switched over to using it to clean my FDM bed of my Prusa I3 MK3.


I use denatured in a first bath, then IPA in a second bath, and then rinse in water before UV cure in water bath.