Enhancement request

Hi Peopoly

I would like to request an enhancement

Please could you have the PM Follow setting range from -60 (LIFT the Z axis by 5mm during the downwards PM) to 60 (LOWER the Z axis by 5mm during the downwards PM)

I’m finding that my prints are not peeling on the left side as the FEP is not moving far enough away from the build plate during PM. This has not been helped by the beta firmware, as I’ve discovered the beta firmware doe not lift the build plate by 1mm during peel if the PM Follow setting is 0. However, 1mm will not be enough for good resin flow anyway, 5mm would be much better

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just set pm reset distance to 60 or higher and you should be able to get enough clearing.

I have it set to 100, and it still does not clear enough. The film stays attached to the print on the hinge side. I am not the only one with this problem

Z lift is essential for the FEP vat.

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you can increase the z-follow as well to have both tilt and lift motion during the peel is increased
you can read about the setting’s meaning here:https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:moai


Z Follow is useless to me. I need the Z axis to move *** UP *** not down.

This is a serious problem with the FEP vat, and I am not the only person experiencing this. The print does not peel fully form the FEP on the hinge side, and the Z axis needs to move UP during PM for FEP vats. I already explained this in the first post.

I am using the Beta firmware, and I can tell you after observing a print that even with Z Follow set to 0, the Z axis DOES NOT lift! And anyway, 1mm is not enough. we need to be able to set Z Follow from -60 to 60, where -60 is lift by 5mm, 60 is lower by 5mm