Empty VAT and replace with pdms moai 200

Is there a tutorial on how to remove and drain the vat of resin. I’ve seen the video on YouTube on how to replace the pdms but now how to remove the vat itself. I couldn’t find anything on the wiki. Any direction would be of great help! Thanks

Sorry if this is not what you are asking, but the vat just slides out of the tilting mechanism. You should be able to pull it toward you to remove it. There will be some resistance due to the springs holding it in place.

Here’s a video showing the vat being installed. It’s removed by just reversing that step.

For draining the vat you could rig up something like this:

Ive tried that and it doesn’t budge I don’t want to pull too hard and break something could resin have gotten into the creases and caused it to stick. Is there anyway to loosen it up? Thanks

Im sorry I forgot to mention im using a moai 200

@Stevincent sometimes the vat is not returned fully and makes it hard to pull out, try re-booting the Moai
the FEP vat is made of metal so don’t be afraid of using a bit of force

I tried pulling it until the pint the plate started to bend towards me. If this is ok I’ll pull harder.

Have you untightened the four screws which the black knobs (only to be sure)? Normally you should be able to lift out the vat very easy.
If yes, then hardened resin in the gab between the vat frame and the tilting table could cause the problem.

Wats the best way to loosen up the hardened resin?

After curing, the resin will become a normal acrylic, just sand it off would be the easiest way

is there anyway I can get a video on how to get this thing out, I’ve been struggling for far too long on this task.

If the resin got in the hard places, normally i would suggest to dissemble the Moai which is the same components with the Moai 130