Elegoo Grey resin with Peopoly Phenom

Hi, I’m looking for settings for my Peopoly Phenom to use the Elegoo grey resin, I can’t get good results with my actual settings and I was wondering if someone already tried this printer with this resin. I think that grey is good to add painting on top, I managed to get nice results with the translucent resin from Elegoo but I can’t make it work with the Grey one.

Share your print settings so that everyone can help you accurately

My settings:

  • layer height: 0.050 mm

  • Bottom layer count: 8

  • exposure time: 14s

  • bottom exposure time: 40s

  • transition layer count: 6

  • bottom lift distance: 10mm

  • lifting distance: 10mm

  • bottom lift speed: 32mm/min

  • lifting speed: 48 mm/min

Every other parameter is by default.

I managed to find settings that worked pretty nicely with my printer and the grey elegoo resin, but now I have an other kind of issue…

I tried to print small cubes on all my built plate but it only printed on the side and none of them stuck to the middle, ofc I had to take off everything that stayed on the fep. So my question is, where does the problem come from ?

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Thanks, I gave my answers

The exposure calibration picture shows that the screen is normal. Check the resin or replace the resin for printing test. In addition, when the platform is leveled, it can be moved down by 0.3mm to increase the adhesion between the model and the platform. If the problem is not resolved, please email to contact, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time

I followed the leveling guide, went down 6 times at 0.1mm (for a total of 0.6 just like in the guide) and the paper can still slide in the middle of the plate but not on the sides.

Make sure that the shading tape around the screen is not too thick, especially the joints at the four corners of the screen do not have very thick overlaps, otherwise there will be gaps in the middle.
The requirement for tape is:

  1. block UV light completely
  2. can handle abuses and wear
  3. thickness is less than 0.13mm so it does not affect leveling
  4. not too wide but wide enough. 2.5cm-3.3cm wideth is a good option.

minimize overlap when taping so it doe not affect leveling

We ship with the black heat resistant tape because it helps to secure the panel.
We recommend Kapton tape for printing. here is a 30mm option that works well

This really looks like a levelling issue. With my Prime when I re-leveled it, the paper was so tight I couldn’t move it and got even pressure on all sides then tightened the screws and then used the manual control to go an additional .2 mm down and set the zero position to get the first layer sticking. I think it depends on the thickness of the paper (I used standard printer paper).