Elegoo Brand Resins

Has anyone used Elegoo brand resins (white, black, grey)? If so what settings have you used?


I tried some. First print went well with standard settings. The ring test ruined my VAT. Start low and slow.

Thanks for that - I am really new with resin printing - ruined my vat first go.

What settings would you recommend?

some of the brands are devasnating on vats, especially low cost LCD resins. be careful with them. If in doubles, stick with ones on our exposure list.

As @peopoly said, be careful with Resins made for LCD printers, they will destroy the PDMS.

If i were to try one, i would use the FEP Vat instead, if you want to stick with PDMS, stick with Peopoly Resins.

You can destroy the PDMS just as easily with Peopoly resin. Ive been using Elegoo and have had no problems at all for about 1/3 the price.

Of course peopoly will tell you to use only their resins…theyre in the business of making money. Like they tell you to get a new vat every dozen prints when Ive been using the same one for about 50 now…

Mark (markmarinelli)

Are you using the pdms Vat? Or Fep?
Are you heating the resin and or build chamber ?
Do you have any ‘altered’ settings ? (laser power set at? Peel force etc…)

Further use information with the Moai would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

markmerinelli - do you mind sharing your settings that you have been using for the Elegoo?

Wondering this too.Ive a bottle of black i was going to give a try on an old vat. Wiki says start at laser power 42 for DLP resins

I use the standard Firmware settings for Moai (published Sept 19, 2018 I believe) but I have been using Laser Power between 47-49 and Print Speed at 150. A little higher for solid colors, but I would stay away from the transparent unless youre planning on painting it. The models look yellow and when you sand them they look white. Also they do do seem to wear down the PDMS vat faster, but I redo mine anyway with rubbing compound and silicone. The 50 prints per vat I mentioned was with Peopoly resin, Im getting maybe 15 prints per vat with the Elegoo.

BTW…a $5 container of rubbing compound and a circular sponge for your power drill (walmart has them in automotive for headlight lens repair) and Solaris silicone for $80 shipped and you can make 5-6 new PDMS vats. Even if your model breaks thru the silicone and fuses to the acrylic, you can fix it. Its $50 for one vat from Peopoly and I think $59 from Matterhackers.

The black resin fails for me using a PDMS vat as it seems too reactive or hot and sticks, tearing it up, using a variety of power settings.

Mark -

Thanks for the info - I have settled in on 48 for the clear Elegoo, and 52 for the opaques - this has been working really well for me with the standard settings in Cura 3.5.1 (except fill which I upped to 100% as I am hollowing in Meshmixer anyway).

@markmarinelli Hi! Thanks so much for the helpful info. I’m wondering what elegoo resin you are using? I’ve found info about people using the ABS-like resin, but I just bought some of the standard resin and am wondering if I will have issues with it? (I’m using the phenom, not the moai, I can’t imagine this will make too much of a difference though)

I’ve been using the standard resin too.
The green is cool…its semi transparent