Elastic Resin FormLabs

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I am thinking about trying to print with elastic resin (like this from formlabs). Is the Peopoly Phenom able to print with this resin or would it be better to go for a moai?
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technically, it can print, but we can’t promise you the best results

Thank you a lot for your answer, do you need a special resin tank for this? At formlabs you need the lt tank…
And which printer would you advice for this elastic resin?
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The phenom can handle flexible resin, but just as printing with flexible filament on a FDM printer, it is not an easy project.

The Phenom can print with Tenacious resin, which is flexible, but because of the peel force required during normal operation, dome models would be difficult to print with as the model could shift due to the elasticity of the resin.

Also the support structure could need adjustments, and it would be a process of trial and error and controlling the ambient temperature is important as well.

So while it is possible, its a lot of trial and error and tweaking.