Easy-to-level Build Plate Screw Positions

Just received the new Easy-to-level Build Plate and FEP Vat. Reviewing the new levelling instructions here:


It states that the screws under the vat should not be adjusted, which makes sense, however it doesn’t say what position they should be in. This would presumably be different based on whether I’m setting up a new Moai or one that I’ve already levelled using the old plate and vat.

So when using the new plate and vat what should the tension of the screws under the vat platform be?

For current users, you should not mess with the screws as your platform is already level against the original plate which is the keystone reference for laser scanning.

Now with the adjustable build plate, your platform is now the leveling reference (that was leveled with the original build plate. If you are starting the adjust with the platform screws while adjusting the building, then you have no absolute reference, and you could create a situation where build plate and platform is leveled against each other but not to the laser scanning plane.

The easy-to-level plate is designed to level without opening the panel quickly. So opening the side panel would the original design goal. Bottom-up SLA printer does not need perfect leveling nor does it improve results. You just need the pressure to reach certain threshold that is represented by the peg and that is all you need.

So just to be sure, if I have already levelled with the original build plate and the peg printing process I should leave the nuts as they are?

yes, that is how it should be. If you want to add or remove some length to the peg, just use z-reset

Alright, i got my easy-to-level build plate. I just releveled for the 4th time today :slight_smile:
And i got the following numbers: A: 10.65 B: 10.92 C: 10.54 D:10.59

Should i re-level it again ? The worst part is once you have resing in the vat and you try to get the numbers right… you have to dip your fingers inside the vat with the resin (using gloves) thats annoying :slight_smile:

Btw, on the guide it say: set your z-reset to 1878 and start printing, does that mean that keeping it at 1878 is the the right thing to do ?

Thank you

you don’t need it to be dead on at 10.7mm to work. With easy-to-level plate, you have quite of tolerance. As long as it is under 11m, and sticking well, you should be fine. @Cornelius_Gutsu
what kind of vats?

1878 is not a must, it is a guideline. you can increase z-reset to decrease peg heights or increase z-reset to increase heights. It is adjust build plate, so the z-reset does not have to be precise and can be change.

BUT DO NOT CHANGE the screws under the build platform.

Yes, i havent changed anything underneath on the screws, just replaced the regular vat with another regular vat NOT a FEP vat. And mounted the new easy-to-level build plate. So should i stick with the numbers i got ?
Just printed something as well…


Looking sweet!!!

What orientation did you use?

45 %

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In the wiki it says “If the deviation between the pegs is too wide (ex one peg is 10.5mm and the other peg is 1mm), please repeat from step 1.”

I am assuming this is a typo? What is the minimum deviation where we should re-level for the new platform?

0.3mm. I am fixing the wiki now.
Try to get leveling range from 10.8 to 10.95mm for fep vat (our updated recommendation)

Thanks! .3mm for PDMS and .15mm for FEP?

Edit: typo, but thanks for clarifying

0.3mm for PDMS and 0.15mm for FEP. FEP prefers less pressure on the first few layers to minimize peel force

@peopoly I messed this up by finding that article for setting up the new bed leveling plate too late and have adjusted the screws under the VAT to attempt to get the heights correct. What’s your recommendation on how to proceed?

I followed https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R4ggLXtaHLgEfPj2fK2P_7y7HjT0qA91M-NNgyH7Ak4/ which is linked from step 3 in the new user guide which is why I ended up fiddling with the adjustments to begin with. If I had found this thread with the updated recommendation before reading that guide I wouldn’t have had to touch anything! :roll_eyes:

sorry about that. We need to fix the description as they are not worded well

Hey guys
i have a doubt
in the Latest System Setting the Z Reset Position is 1877 for PMDS vats, but here in these tutorial of How to level with Moai’s new easy to level plate ( http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate ) at the end you should turn the Z Reset Position to 1878…thats correct?

What do I do if I touched the nuts under the bed? I got confused cos I first upgraded the FEP vat, then days later to the new bed and there were some settings that I got wrong and from there everything went south. What do I do to re-level everything. Thanks

Which build plate do you have installed on your printer?