Easy plate calibration issue



I built today my moai 130 kit with the easy level plate.
I run the calibration for the easy plate for the pdms vat. I put z reset position 1877.
But the plate even with the 4 screws loose and full up pushes a little bit the platform frame when it levels down. The tension is compensated by the spring. So finally by default the screws are from the beggining full up pushing down the pdms vat, no adjustment possible.

Is this normal ?



it just mean that your reset position is too high, just lower the z reset position value until the tension is gone



Do you think the pressure that i am getting in this last video is to much ?



the pressure is not too much, though it shouldn’t be pushed all the way like that(the screws on the build plate i mean)
lower the z reset position until the build plate can still be pushed up
if the screws on the build plate is pushed all the way like in the video, then it isn’t any different than the standard build plate, which mean a corner might be pushed down harder than the others, making leveling process difficult