Easy leveling build plate, prints are all shorter by ~3mm


I just got the easy leveling build plate. I followed the instructions, set the z reset to 1877 then 1878.

Now all my prints are coming out about 3mm shorter than they should.

The DIY_test is coming out

I also have a 20mm cylinder test that prints at 16.9 mm tall,

What settings to I need to change to fix this?



adjust the screws under the vat, follow this guide :http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:leveling
even with the easy leveling build plate, you still need to follow the steps



I’m going to do a full reset.

Do I loosen both the bed screws and the vat screws? That is what I did initially.
Then set the z reset to 1880 or 1877? You have 2 different guides with 2 different settings.
Afterwards I’ll tighten all the screws up.

Also: (Do not attempt to adjust the screws under vat platform when using easy to level build plate).
This is also written, in one of the guides. Conflicting information is really frustrating, and this easy level plate so far isn’t any easier than the normal plate if I’m having to go under and adjust the screws under the vat.

These are the two conflicting guides.

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this is the problem @Blastamon, if you did adjust the screws already, you will have to tighten the screws back
in your case, you will have to follow both guides.
1st : follow this guide to readjust your screws http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:leveling, tighten the screws to reach 3mm of your missing heigh
2nd: follow the guide of your build plate :http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate, now the vat is back the it’s original place, you can start over with your leveling



I am starting over entirely, nothing is tightened. I put washers on the nuts under the vat but they are not adjusted at all.

Do I put the easy level bed on FIRST, and lower it to 1877? Then tighten vat nuts.
Or do I need to put the normal bed on FIRST and lower it to 1880? Then tighten vat nuts.



the washers are not part of the kit, you said you put it on, doesn’t it mean you have to unscrew the vat?
if nothing is changed from the beginning of the assembly, follow the guide http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate



Yes the washers not part of the kit, I bought them separately and unscrewed the vat.

That guide is missing a critical step. It assumes my vat is tightened and leveled already, it is not.

It only suggest I lower the plate to 1877 and tighten the plate screws. Do I also tighten my vat screws at the same time? I assume so, but nowhere is it written, and when I tried that my test prints were garbage.



i think you understand it wrong. The screws are not to be unscrewed, in case of having easy level build plate, it shouldn’t be touched at all
But since you have already unscrewed the vat, now you have to fix it by leveling as if you are using the standard build plate, THEN level again with your easy level build plate.
Follow the 2 steps i sent you previously, you can update after each step before we continue to the next one



Let’s reset and start over @Blastamon

  1. with ez-level plate, your leveling guide is only this:

  2. since Moai is leveled before shipping, you could just go ahead and us the ez-level plate guide to level.

  3. IF you have since mess with the screws under the build platform. Then you may have to redo the level with the original build platform. I will withhold the steps here just in case you don’t need it so there is not too much information.

  4. I am not sure what you meant by “tightening” the vat. I assume you meant the screws underneath the platform.



Ok so when using the ez-level I must first level it with the normal plate.

I bought my printer as a kit and built it myself. So I had to do the leveling myself to begin with. I think I got it working now.



The easy-to-level instructions explicitly tell you NOT to adjust to screws under the vat.



yes that is what i said @Perras_Design

but this is a special case where he already adjust the screws, so he will have to do both guides, the normal plate and then the ez plate



I saw that after I responded! Sorry about that.