Dual Z-axis rail


I got some inconsistent layer visible with Moai 130
I’ve done all the recommendation find on forum (printed on FEP vat, the room temperature always above 30, use the latest setting/ the supports point are really thick, the pm motor speed is slow at 10…) The print is successful, but tiny layer is visible inconsistently, I just want to upgrade to Dual Rail Z-axis like this picture below (I search on google and there is only one picture of dual z-axis for Moai 130 here)
If anyone know where to purchase this, please let me know, or anyway to mod this.
If this can’t be found I have to do the hardware support base on “the project tripod 1.0”
Thank you



currently the Dual z-axis system only available on the Moai 200, we are going to release an upgraded z-axis for the Moai 130 in the future, in the mean time you can follow the project tripod. A lot of users had success with their machine



thanks! I’m very exited for that news, could you just tease about how near it will be release?