Drawings of Moai panels

Hi, I purchased a Moai a couple of years ago for the lab, and didn’t have time to build it. When I came to build it the top panel and the door panel weren’t in the package. I emailed the company that sold it a few times and they said there’s nothing they can do.
Does anyone have the drawings of those panels so I can arrange for them to be laser cut from acrylic? I’ve searched online but not found anything.
Many thanks

Assuming you have a Moai 130, not the 200, look in the Moai user section of Peopoly’s support site for lots of info on the Moai. There’s a link to STEP and DXF files for the Moai’s panels and structure in there. Here’s the link.
The files are not dimensioned drawings, but the laser cutter should be able to read 2D DXF files. In case they can’t, I made a quick (e.g., poor) drawing of the two panels for you.

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