Door does not stay latched


The latch on the inside of the door that tells the machine that the door is shut will not stay pressed in. The door is fully closed and locked, but the bottom right corner of the door does not create enough pressure to click the latch. As a result, the prints stop, and tell me to check the door. I’ve applied a little duct tape to the outside of the door in the meantime, but this is a temporary solution. Has anyone else encountered this? Any tips for a more long term fix?



Personally, I have the DIY version, so I don’t have the pressure sensitive latch to inform the machine that the door is fully closed.

Might have to attach a piece of plastic to the door to close with more force? Or perhaps the latch is too stiff and needs to be bent into a different shape? Pictures might be helpful.



this is the first time we heard of this problem. will make note to the QC to make sure holes are closer to the door