Don't Buy The Heater


Seriously, wow…this thing…$75 shipped and for that you get something that couldn’t have cost $10 to make, that clearly is no meant for this considering you have to run the cables inside the case and then around to the front of the unit because the power plug is on the front not the back, and to top it all off, it’s just a fan. ZERO heat.

Pathetic installation guide which apparently took awhile to post even though its like 4 photos and no real description…I get that this is a cut rate printer but this isn’t cut rate, this is trash.

Save your money, look at the DIY versions, they are far more professional than the “official” heater.



I finally switched over to the Peopoly heater after using a small 110V unit for many months. I like the Peopoly heater. It works fine. Mine was $60 shipped from Matterhackers. If your heater isn’t getting hot, there might be something wrong with it. The first one I received had a bad fan, but Matterhackers exchanged it.



So far, the mounting of the fan has been the only thing about my new Moai that hasn’t been amazing.
Mostly, I really wanted a better way to mount it. There are holes in the plate, but they don’t line up. I’m printing an adapter plate on my FDM printer for it right now.

I might make a controller board to switch the heater on when the printer is running. I’m doing a PCB circuit board run next week.



I was considering small neo Magnets, but I used double face tape.



$60 shipped even for a couple folded pieces of metal, a iffy heater, a cheap fan, and a basic temp controller, for it to cost that much it needs to be more than just cheap off the shelf stuff…drilling big holes in the case to fit the ferrite core on the power cord, the big inefficient power block…the fact it is CLEARLY not made for this.

The fact it was DOA isn’t even my major complaint.



hi Paul,

sorry about your issue. Have you contact the support about issue? We always work with custom to resolve their issue best we can. The same heater is used in Moai 200 and can heat both resin and plate very quickly and is sensored controlled. If it is not heating up, perhaps the sensor is broken or the power adapter is an issue. That heater is quite popular with our users outside of a few DOA, the responses have been good. The heater uses its own power adapter which is bigger than Moai’s own as it needs to draw more power and would not work right if Moai adapter is used on it




I did got aftermarket heater and temperature relay , but also ordered peopoly heater .
I am wondering winch way to go
aftermarket pros are that it is convection , so no fan and no dust around the resin, but you have to put 220 Volts inside the machine working area and you have to install din rail and to route the cables
with peopoly one you just put it inside small hole and you can run almost out of the box.



A heater with pure convection (no fan) doesn’t work well imho. I have a 50W switch cabinet heater in my moai. Without fans the the acrylic top cover and the aluminum frame around it get hot but the vat and the build plate stay relatively cold.
With two fans on the right top side of the chamber i get an even temperature distribution. The build plate and vat then get heated properly.
The moai heater also has the advantage of being shielded and low voltage which helps to minimize interference problems.



I drilled and tapped two hole in the fan so I can use the mounting holes that are in the plate.
I then ran the power cable up over the heater and put a connector on the back panel so I can easily disconnect it and no wires need to come out the door.



I have a DIY 50w convection heater that does the trick keeping chamber temp around 25c during summer time. I also use the Moai heater now during winter time when my workshop temp is around 20 - it gets the chamber temp up above 30c in 5 min.



Photo of my heater setup. As I stated in the earlier post the actual heater is attached to the plate via the two holes in the plate and the heater was drilled and tapped for two M3 screws




So, here is a fun update. Ordered a second one from matter hackers…this one put out heat, a VERY low amount, after about 45 minutes, then you know what it put out?

The magic blue smoke. I came back to my printing area in the basement to smell burnt electronics and opened the moai to see small volumes of smoke.

So that is two units, one from MH, one from Peopoly direct, BOTH bunk, one dangerously so…

You need to stop selling this product before you burn someones house down.

Has anyone looked at the power supplies they use? It is INSANE that you need a brick that big to power such an anemic heater, it is insane that you need a brick that huge to heat so small a chamber period.

I’m seriously this close to cutting my losses and never touching another peopoly product again, the only thing hedging me is the sad fact that they didn’t make this heater so it’s really more a testament to whomever did than it is to peopoly themselves. Though don’t think for a second this hasn’t caused me to SERIOUSLY question ever leaving this printer plugged in alone…and a printer I can only use while I am home and attentive is useless.

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And and to reply to the peopoly comment, I was waiting to see what the replacement was like before I decided what to do, rest assured I will be contacting support for a full refund. I don’t want a third gamble.



sorry about the issue you had. we will refund or send another depending on what your decision on your order. we have sold a lot of these heaters and while it is not always perfect we do everything we can to make it whole for out customers. and we did receive your email and replied as well



I just had one of my heaters die on me, I do very long prints, and usually run my printers for about 3/4 a day (not everyday just fyi), and I came downstairs to my shop, powered off the unit, and heater, now the fan wont turn on any more on one of my heaters, THAT is a bad sign. I know they are supposed to turn off but the fan portion should be capable of running for a bit before that part breaks.



My second v2 Peopoly heater from MatterHackers has died. First one worked a few (4-5) times, including a long-ish 4-hour print, but died thereafter. The heater was continuing to heat, but the fan would not blow - which I judged to be at best unhelpful and at worst unsafe.

I received a replacement from MatterHackers free of charge and with fair turnaround time, which was nice. However, this unit’s power supply appears to be dead after a similar few (3-4) uses, none of which went more than 1 hour. I can’t tell if the heater unit itself is functional, as I don’t have a backup power supply to test with.

At this point I’m probably going with the IncuKit.

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I feel my heater never generates heat. It feels only cold wind blowing and I take it off during printing.

looks like I need to talk with MH about this issue.




Nice blue smoke

Ill let my replacement run a few weeks.



I assume that is the power supply for the heater?



Yes, sorry i didn’t mention it :smiley:

The C popped after 10 Minutes