Does the new Peopoly Phenom have WiFi?

Spotted the new Peopoly Phenom LCD SLA printer on Twitter. Looks intriguing.

I noticed it has an ethernet port. Any chance this also comes with built-in WiFi?

Hello @lowracer Phenom does not have Wifi, it has Ethernet.

Curious why you didn’t include WiFi? Surely the cost of adding WiFi can not be prohibitive?

we are currently bounded by the hardware. we will look into adding Wifi in the future


Is the price for an assembled system or a kit?
Will there be an option for kit or pre-assembled?
Any discount for existing moai, moai 130, moai 200 owners and dedicated peopoly supporters? :slight_smile:
Do you have any protection built in to prevent resin from leaking inside the printer in case FEP rips?
Do you have any protection built in to prevent LCD from cracking?

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Ladies and gentlemen why are we finding out about this accidentally through an unannounced store update? Where is the Blog update, etc? This is big news and deserves big announcement!

@gill_za those information above will be available when the Phenom is officially released, right now we do open for questions but there are still informations which we would like to hold until release

When is the official release?

we planed to release this October

Thank you. Looking forward to this!

just got my Phenom… looks like it has Wifi in the settings, but it doesn’t seem to be picking anything up… maybe a future feature?

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Currently no. It is a part of the Chitubox firmware that is installed in the firmware, and is not a hardware option at this time. It is something that we are looking into but currently there is no ETA on this.

The market reviews for Phenom are available in Facebook. I had gone through it before purchasing my machine. It’s innovative and user-friendly.

Recently got my Phenom. In the “Tool”, “Settings”, “Network” it shows Wifi and Ethernet. But Wifi does nothing. Ethernet gets an address from my router and I can ping the address.
But nothing I do trying to access that address works.
Anyone know what the Ethernet connection does or how?

the network connection is to transfer files from your PC to the USB stick on the printer. I will be testing that feature out soon as I need to get a long network cable. For the Wifi option. it is listed in the firmwre, but its not supported in the hardware… its a chitubox thing.

Can you attach a wifi to ethernet adapter to the Phenom and transfer files?

not yet for the Phenom, the files are loaded from USB only for now

I was under the impression that you could connect with Ethernet from your computer.
Is this not correct?

I believe the Ethernet port allows you to send files to the sd card (I think through chitubox). Not sure if it also allows you to start a print like that.

There are a couple discussions about it on the forums, might be worth a search if you want more information.

Sorry @olubeck, i misread it to “internet”
There’s a ethernet port on the side of the Phenom next to the USB port
for future references, you can check out this thread : Phenom Ethernet Not Working