Does the case block UV?


I’m 99% sure it would, but I just wanted to make sure, since I don’t actually know what the case material is. I assume I don’t need the laser safety glasses when all the sides of the case are on and the door is closed - and as long as I don’t peek into the gap between the door and the case. Please confirm :slight_smile:


The case acrylic blocks most, but not all, UV light. Don’t put the printer in direct sunlight (unless you want a solid block of cured resin).

But yes, you don’t need the safety glasses if the sides and door are all in place.


It blocks over 95% of UV light. Moai resin is not that UV light sensitive, so the remaining light isn’t strong enough to activate the crosslinking process. You would have to work pretty hard to see the laser from firing when case panels are in place. As always, keep kids away from Moai or any industrial equipment.



You mention that the laser should be hard to see, but I am currently printing the calibration columns and I can clearly see the laser with both safety glasses on and the front panel closed. Should I be seeing it that clearly?


Yes you see the laser clearly.


the panel blocks 95% of all visible lights. And since you are not at the focal length of the laser and it is deflected, you are safe