Does Moai's Hardware sompatible with the Mac

I just wanted to know that, Moai 's hardware is compatible with Mac’s hardware and can Moai control and operate with the Mac? Because some days ago, I just tried some other 3d printer and when I try to connect with my Mac and try to operate it, it showing apple error 4013 and I don’t7 understand that how can I resolve it?

It’s not recommended to have your computer operate the printer during a print. The printer is designed to run independently. If you were to run it from a PC, and if it crashes or goes into sleep mode you would loose the print.

Also you would need drivers for the printer for your PC to operate the printer and those have not been created.

HI’m on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.3 and though it took me a while to get everything working with Asura and such, now the Mac and Asura seem to be playing together nicely. The actual Moai doesn’t connect to the computer, any computer, at all. It’s all done through SD card transfer.

The main issue on the Mac side is the spotty documentation that you kind of have to hunt for and the fact that at this point Asura is only in Beta on the Mac. I’m really hoping that will change soon since where I teach it’s all macs and I can’t recommend the printer to the school until I know the Mac support will be solid.

It is currently being worked on, but with the current condition in China with the virus outbreak, I would not be able t oget an update to well after the 10th of Feb, and that could change as we are waiting for an update from the goverment for the movement band that is currently in affect.

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Your safety is far more important than anything else. We can wait:)