Does it matter if I run out of resin during a print


Coming from the FDM world, having a printer running for an extended period with no filament can have a lot of negative effects.

What are the consequences, if any of running out of resin in the middle of a print? I would first guess none, since the model will just keep raising and lowering into nothing and soon it will just be doing it in air.

On the other hand, I could also imagine that the small amount of resin that is left would basically end up cured to the PDMS and be very difficult to remove, basically ruining the vat.

Main reason for the question is that it would be nice to use up smaller amounts of resin where I am not sure if I have enough but don’t mind risking it on a non-essential print. If there is no downside I’d definitely be inclined to do it.



You can mix Peopoly model resins with each other (my last print was a mix of blue and grey). You can also refill the vat in the middle of the print by pooring more resin into the vat (slowly in a corner).

I have never run out of resin during a print so I have no info on that.



That’s definitely a cool idea, I do have a few odds and end in bottles around and if I don’t care whether a print is guaranteed to finish I obviously can’t claim I care what colour it is :slight_smile:



if the resin runs out, the Moai will just printing in the air, the tilting mechanism makes it rarely have resins cured on the vat, which also not hard to remove when it happens.
you can continuously add resins during the print, as long as it’s the same type, doesn’t matter if it’s different color

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I had a print run out of resin. It was a print that ran about 26 hours and I forgot to refill the vat before I went to bed. Other than the part not printing completely there were no real problems. There wasn’t any significant mess in the vat. I was using the “old” style PDMS vat. I doubt there would be any worse results with the FEP vat.

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