Do not buy Moai printers d

If you damage the galvos you cannot buy one to replace it.
for a company that has a sales point of being cheap… 300 usd is a heafty sum for replacement galvos
Worse is that you cannot buy a single galvo on it’s own.
I wanted to replace a mirror but they denied simple parts.
These clowns treat their customers like idiots that have no skills…
Your product is not that fancy that it’s impossible to fix but denying parts it’s just bad business practice

Sorry to hear your question, please reply to your question in mail , peopoly will take care of you, and our technical team will also help you in time.

It’s not a question it’s a statement.
Peopoly use to be good and helpful but obviously that has changed.

Hi @Malcolm_Hughes, I am truly sorry if we offended you in any way. Although we have discussed this via inbox, you seem to have some misunderstandings.
You request to buy individual galvo mirrors to perform self repairing on your galvo. It is not possible to perform without very specialized tools and you may further damage your printer. Therefore, we cannot sell you those mirrors.

Ok ok… so I have a galvo that is already broken
I have already pulled the mirror out of the galvo to be replaced…
Vertical accuracy of the mirror to the galvo shaft is important but rotational is not as it can be calibrated in that direction.
The most dangerous part of the printer is the laser…
So by your logic I should not at least try to fix the already broken galvo because it may break more… man you are soooooo on to it right…
I will source a replacement mirror and fix it anyway… if I break it more then who cares it was broken.
When glueing I will use a jig to align the replacement mirror.
After all, i have years of experience in a machine shop turning accurate parts.
Leaving that behind I have to study i dont have tons of usd to splash out on a 300$ usd galvo …

Failing that I’ll modify the moai with an LCD mask and light engine to turn it into dlp printer.

@Malcolm_Hughes In general, we would not want the user to try fixing it because it may further damage the unit. Because not everyone is capable of doing so, I’m sure that you will feel the same way if someone else trying to fix your printer.

We can’t stop you from fixing it yourself, but you do it on your own risk

sorry I own the printer not peopoly and I will fix it how I see fit. if I wreck the already broken galvo then so be it.
why you don’t sell the galvos separately is hard to understand… but after all like i said I will fix it with parts sourced elsewhere.
a shame as i thought the support for this printer WAS top notch.

as an update, i purchased mirrors from AliExpress and have ground them down to size. once sized i used clear araldite two pot glue to glue the mirror back onto the galvo using my eye to align it.
printer is now working successfully.

I am very disappointed in peopoly adopting an apple approach claiming they are the only ones that should fix it and to simply buy another one when it was not that hard and simply maid harder by them denying access to the mirrors they use!

wake up team. supply things that are needed instead of treating the customers like simps.

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the support is a nighmare, not gona buy any new printer.