Disortion problem on Moai 130

Hi all. I’ve been silently reading the forum for a bit now, but now it’s time for me to start talking. Unfortunately it is for a problem I’m experiencing now. Since the begining I had problems printing but I assumed it was my lack of experience since I was able to succesfuly print some of my items. I noticed the calibration poles (the ones on the corner) were not straight. Also I some of my supports were failing, so I finally decided to print a long pole to see what really happens. This is the result :pleading_face:

As you can see the whole bottom is distorted, then it comes back to normal and
I’m posting it in hardware since it happens to me with every single print, including the ones that came with the printer (aka corner test). This is consistant with my failures… the ones that have the conection of the supports falling right in the conflict area were all failing, which led to have only some of my prints being succesful.

I already checked all the screws and they are all in place and tight. I ran every calibration test and checked all the usual stuff and I really don’t know what to do next.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alex,

To find the error, it is helpful to know all printing parameters (see other error requests).

But I would particularly like to know what value “Z Follows” had and the measured values from the corner test (FEP or PDMS?)

Hi ad_fontec. Thanks for the reply. These are the parameters

Temp: I use Moai heater… and anyway this happened even during summer

What type of resin: Tough peopoly yellow

Build plate type: Standard 1-piece

Vat: Silicon vat (it’s my second vat, I have another one for regular peopoly resin, and I have the same error)

A 10.72 , B 10.74, C 10.71, D 10.68

Firmware version: 1.18

Laser Power: 53 (I tried 52 and 54 and failed just the same)

Z-reset position: 1877

PM Motor Speed: 15

Z Follow Speed: 10

Software used to slice? Cura 3.5

If using Cura, what version and Profiles: Cura35-moai-40um and 20 um (but it happens with the presliced files as well)

I just made a test creating the supports longer than the conflict area and the print went well.

I was thinking… if this ends up being a piece bent in my z-axis, maybe I can reset the postion a little higher and lift the vat with the screws? The idea would be to avoid the damaged part of the build plate travel

The shift indicates a bug that should be better resolved.

  1. How long were the cylinders A to C?

  2. Did the four cylinders all look the same shifted?

These are the measurments for the cilinders, and yes, they all look bent the same, the same amount on the same direction. Also, when I print 2 or 3 objects at the same time they all get similar distortion on the lower portion

So, if the building board and its guide is fixed and does not yield, if you pull it and moves (especially in the lower position) and also the VAT can not move horizontally … then I have the following assumption:

The culprit could be the parameter value “Z Follows = 10”.

I have no Moai 130 and no PDMS, but I changed that value to zero at Moai 200 right at the beginning: “Z Follows = 0”.

I did not find out what it would make sense to move the board down while tilting ???
It should rather go up, so that the layer is also safely separated from the film.

What happens if the Z-axis goes down while tilting? It pushes the print object into the PDMS or hard on the FEP glass plate. And at the same time the print object is pushed aside - where else should it go? In the dumbest case, it penetrates the film.

So always set Z Follows = 0, and forever.

Try it out and let us know if the error is still on the same scale, then let’s see …

I wish you success!


printing now… I’ll let you know

Significant improvements!!! thanks!!!

I still have to solve the little texture marks which can be due to the heater… but I’m soooo happy at this point.

Thank you very much ad_fontec

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Thanks for the feedback. I am glad that it has gotten better. :slightly_smiling_face:

is this your own print? it doesn’t seems like the leveling test
although you can lower the PM motor speed to 12, that should remove the problem

It was just a cilinder because I wanted to see how it would perform with a longer shape. It is not the corners test, no. I changed the motor speed to 12 but I’m still not 100% clear of problems. I will perform a few more tests and let you guys know how it goes.

how is the test result? @Alex_Rios?