Dimensions for VAT, FEP idea


Does anyone have an stl or step file or anything of the vat in it’s current form? I’m working on concept I hope will work, simply an acrylic or glass vat with a built in tensioner on the bottom surface. The goal is to use FEP film and this custom acrylic vat which should keep the FEP film tight and stuck to the bottom surface. I need a decent model or detailed dimensions to make sure I can laser cut and test it properly.




Here are the design files that are available.



@peopoly Your cad file that includes a vat, and the drawings of the vat provided contradict each other. There’s 2mm missing on the x axis (the space representing the gap between the left/right wall and the start of the rounded middle part of the base of the vat.


can you do a screenshot and mark the spot so we can check @clearlynotstefan