Detail and Laser Focus


Hi everyone,

Long time reader, first time posting. I’ve using my Moai for about 10 months now and this forum has been a great resource in helping me getting it tuned. I started with Hitemp but quickly switched over to standard grey resin and got much better results. My prints were still mediocre because of distortion but a couple months back I updated to 1.18 firmware and started using Asura with calibration, which helped a lot. However, no matter what I try I can’t get crisp details to come out on prints. I know the laser spot size should be 0.067mm but I’m getting a radius of about 0.4mm on corners and holes under about 1mm in diameter are mostly or completely sealed. On the ring test I was only able to get a couple of holes opened before supports started failing. I know that the acrylic galvo cover is not the problem because I removed it mid-print with no change in quality whatsoever. I don’t think this is an overcuring issue as I have the laser on 57 and even when I tried on 55 with supports failing there was little to no improvement.

I guess this could be a temperature issue, but I have printed with and without a heater which takes the room temp from 23C to 25C with no improvements. I do have the heater close to the printer so I imagine that the temperature is higher than 25C in there. I also have the printer in a box with a fan that sucks air outdoors. Could this be affecting print quality?

My theory is that the laser is somehow out of focus. I’ve tried changing just about every other variable I can think of and I still always end up with this issue.


Asura 2.2.1
80um profile

A: 10.49mm
B: 10.83mm
C: 10.68mm
D: 10.92mm
(never had problems with bed adhesion)

This detail is raised 0.4mm.

How should I proceed? Has anyone else had or solved any problems relating to laser focus like this before?

Should I try and adjust the laser position or get Matterhackers to send me replacement parts? Or should I just accept this as good enough?




Print with 60- and 40-micron layers and you should see an improvement in your details.



Thanks Joseph. I always thought that I should dial in the higher layer settings first, but I’ll give it a try. I will be away from the printer for a few days but I’ll test it soon and share my results.



if your laser is out of focus, it would cause a thin layer of resin at the bottom of the print, much like a skirt,
printing with higher detail profiles most likely will fix the problem and if you want it to be exactly the diameter you wanted, you should take a 6% shrinkage after curing into account