Deft Resin vs. Nex Resin

I recently tried Nex Resin Gray in the hope that I would gain more detail with my 1/24 scale parts. The Detf gray was printed um20 and the Nex gray was printed at 60um with laser power at the recommended 51 setting. The detail is sharper with the Deft gray and the print is accurate with the stl. file. The Nex print is less sharper and slightly deformed. Am looking for the sharpest detail I can obtain for these and other small parts. Are my expectation of the Nex resin misguided? Should I stick with the Deft resin or are there other settings I need to change besides the laser power with the Nex resin? DSCN1358 DSCN1360 DSCN1362

you can choose which ever is good for you
Nex resin is printed fine detail at 51 only if well mixed, i mean very well mix

I used this home made metal stir stick with a power drill to mix the resin right in the bottle. I set the laser power setting to 51. I have the heater running 1/2 hour before starting the printer to insure proper temperature and continues run throughout the print. None of the other default setting were changed except for the laser power. I ran two separate prints. First one at 60um and the second at 20 um. Here are the results…DSCN1370 DSCN1372

I’ve gone through an entire bottle of Deft gray resin since getting this printer. I’m able to print very small items such as the tail lights in the first post. I’ve attempted several other prints for wheels and tires and not 1 has printed with out some degree of failure. I made several reworked stl.'s in an attempt to correct the the failures. I tried several different angles in Asura, some turned out DSCN1363 DSCN1364 DSCN1365 DSCN1366 DSCN1367 DSCN1368 better then others but none were complete prints. I used the heater every time. I pour the resin back into the bottle after every print so that I can mix throughly before the next one. I’m frustrate with this whole experience. Here is just a small sample of past prints…dozens more where tossed out…

I wish I had the time and money to play around with all this but I don’t. I would just like to print these and similar items consistently. Used Shapeways for a couple of years now but need to do this in house to have more control and save time plus hopefully save money. I’m trying not to regret buying this printer but got to admit it’s getting there.