Deft floaters/skin developing on prints

Hello, I am newer to resin printing and have been filtering and recycling my resin. I don’t know if that is what is causing my problem, but I’m sure its not helping. I mostly see this problem when it comes to smaller prints where I have a fair bit of resin to reclaim and reuse. I’ve been using DEFT grey with a 12second exposure time. This skin mostly develops around support structures. This printer stays at the company I work for and most of the prints are 10+ hour prints and the resin has overnight stays in the vat until I get in in the morning. I tend to just dump in a liter of resin in when I do a print, any help or suggestions on figuring out how much I need per print I’m sure will help the situation so Im not contaminating liters at a time.

I filter and reuse my Resin (Siraya Tech Fast) too and never had a problem the only thing you should do is to stire the Resin before printing. I use this (ask you wife for the name in english) it does not damage the FEP since it is very soft silicone and easily cleanded.

But to be 100% check if there are any light leaks.

I’ll have to get one of those, I’ve just been swishing it around with the plastic spatula I was provided carefully. This batch of resin has had a lot of time exposed to air. I am going to try and use some new resin and see if that helps. Any suggestion on how much resin I should be using? CHITUBOX is saying 84ml, but I assume that’s just the volume of the part & supports

You want to have quite some Resin in the Vat on my Phenom L I have in general 1,5 to 2 bottles for two reasons.

The first one is of course to have enough Resin for the print but the second also very important reason is that the resin cools the screen making it last longer.

I never thought about having more to cool the screen. I have the noir because I wanted longer screen life

That is something I read somewhere a long time ago.

I went with a batch of newer resin, only opened once and non contaminated with reclaimed resin and I got less floaters but still some floaters. there might bee some light leaks or I may need to clean or replace the vat film.