Dead interface screen - Peopoly Noir

Hey team!

I’ve been using my Noir alot - and recently after a 30 hour print I realised the interface screen on the from has gone blank.

Several power on/off combinations, remove/add USB etc. and it’s being stubborn about it’s new state.

I’m thinking this is a hardware problem, but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this?

  • can I run via a PC in the meantime? (I’ve been using Chitubox sliced files via USB stick)
  • and should I just order a new screen, then replace it? (love to know where to get these)

Thanks in advance!

Share screen exposure check calibration pictures or videos to judge whether the screen is normal. Here is the screen inspection manual
If the above inspection screen still cannot display normally, the surface screen has been damaged and needs to be replaced