Damaged power board part

I accidentally pulled the back frame of peopoly moai 130 and damaged the male connection on the power board. How can I fix it? The image is uploaded for easier communication.

Thank you so much in advance

I think it’s just a normal plug, I’ve changed a few, they’re not particularly difficult if you’ve ever soldered something before. If you or a friend has some experience in building/repairing basic electronics, the power port is probably one of the easiest to replace as it (I don’t think so anyway) has any tiny connectors, should just be two or three. If you want to replace it yourself, you might be able to find a local electronics store that will identify the component for you and sell you one. My local equivalent here in Australia would be Jaycar electronics.

If you can’t repair it and cant find someone else to try, peopoly will probably reply telling you to contact them on their support email and/or purchase a new board. They’re $15 on the store, but if that connector is the only thing damaged, it should be a fairly simple repair.


i agree with @Jeby
but from the picture it’s not severely damaged, the metal connection is still there so i think you can just press the plug down and plug it in to see if the power turns on


Thank you so much @Jeby! I have some experience in soldering. I will try to do that. @peopolysupport: thanks for the confirming it. Will you be able to provide a data sheet of the 24 V DC power jack so that I can replace it? A link to buy it would also work! Thanks in advance!

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hi @amzu, i tried to contact the engineer team but it seems that it would be faster to just go to a closest electronic store and ask

No problem! I figured it out myself and it worked! Thanks @Jeby and @peopolysupport