Custom calibration profile in Asura 2.2.3 for moai 200

I found this file “moai200_calibv2.acp” in Asura 2.2.3 (Asura-2.2.3

There was a file “moai200_calib.acp” in Asura 2.2.2.

It`s appeared that they are significantly different.
As I understand, these modifications mean that now using the calibration profile for moai 200 it is possible to overcome distortions of the size and shape of printed models. It remained unattainable with the previous version of calibration (in Asura 2.2.2). I’m so sure about it, because I have read this great post from ad_fontec.
So my question is: Where can I find any information about how to make custom calibration profile like moai200_calibv2.acp with 441 points?
And also, is it possible to decrease a number of dots i.e. from 441(21x21) to 121(11x11)? I saw appropriate parameters in the file (step_size, number_cols, …).


Thank you for your questions about this. I do not have the answers for you at this time, but I will find out and get back with you asap.

Hello @Peopoly_Support_2 (do you have a name too?),

please do not do it so exciting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and certainly the other users of your premium printer Moai 200 are very curious about what your programmer has programmed magical against the distortions.

Greetings Bernhard

@Peopoly_Support_2, @peopoly:

Hi Seán and dear Mark,

Your programmer has probably gone to a lot of trouble with Moai 200 distortion reduction programming.

Now surely some owners of the Moai 200 and possibly also potential buyers deserts what this correction should do, what limits have to be observed and how it is to be used.

It would be nice if you would just say a few words about it.

Answer: New Moai 200 calibration in Asura 2.2.3