Current Moai 200 Setting


Anyone out there who have Moai 200 models and have bought them relatively recently , would you post your current settings ?

I’ve been trying to level my new Moai (For a few weeks at this point) but I’ve been having a really hard time.

Even while communicating with Peopoly I feel like they are just throwing darts at a board and aren’t really sure what to do.

I’ve been looking around online for settings that might help out but all the posts are from a few years ago and I’m wondering if a newer set of settings might help.

If you have any other advice let me know. Thanks for any help you can provide guys.

We also have a Moai 200 and it has eaten many of my working hours. This machine is really hard to use. Do you use Next resin for your leveling tests? The normal resin does not work for me with the leveling pegs.

I use the Peopoly resin. What do you mean by the resin doesn’t work ?

I don’t have much knowledge on 3d printers but I’m pretty confident in my knowledge of chemicals/resin