Cured resin in Vat

So recently changed the FEP on my Phenom.

Since then, I am getting random issues, varying from supports that worked perfectly before failing, to random flakes of resin curing in parts of the vat that isnt even connected to any parts of my models. Used Siraya Fast Grey.

With regards to first issue, I had to make the skates for my supports thinner, from 1mm to .4mm, and increase bottom layer exposure time from 50sec to 60seconds. This at least keeps the supports from falling off, but I am still getting weird flecks in various parts of my vat.

I’ve checked all my seals it came with and theyre all still secured, so can’t figure out what is causing it

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I think I already determined the issue. Looks like light is bleeding through wrong areas of the LCD. When I ran a calibration test, LCD was getting blurry after image kind of effect where some lights were bleeding to half an inch away in some cases. I have attached pics of the issue

Does this mean my LCD is already going bad? That would kinda suck sin e I have only had this a month

The exposure is not normal? Please check the screen.

The image shows during the Exposure test, but you can see that there is some bleed through, causing a slight after image

Yes, the LCD screen is beginning to decline, and you can consider replacing it.

Well crap. I was hoping to avoid that, since I’ve only had my Phenom for 5 weeks. But I’m accumulated between 300 and 400 hours, so I suppose its no surprise