Cured resin in vat, re-leveled, but corner test still fails


I have a Moai at home and was changing resins. I accidentally left my FEP vat filled with Peopoly resin on my countertop with the lights on for a few minutes, but the resin still seemed fluid so I went ahead with the print. Midway through, it started making loud sounds, and I realized the resin had indeed partially cured on the countertop and the build platform was stuck. I removed it, and cleaned everything. I tried new resin, but the print failed. I tried re-leveling, but each time a single peg fails in the same corner. Do you think I need to re-level the vat? Any other solutions are very appreciated.


Provide pictures or videos so that everyone can help you in time. If you need further help, please contact by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you