Cura 4.7.1 profiles for Moai130?

Hello I am testing my new printer and I would like to use a variable z-step.
There are Moai 130 profiles for Cura 4.7.1? In the opposite case, may I use the old profiles from 3.5. version???

from Cura 4.0, there is already Moai profiles integrated in the software
you can still use 3.5.1 profiles but it may cause issues

Ok I will try to code some piece with CURA 4.7.1. In that case, what is the most advisable software to build the supports? (I guess that CURA supports are designed for FDM printers …)

Asura can make supports and export to an STL, which might be the simplest way to go for moai stuff.
I would recommend either Chitubox or PrusaSlicer however, as their support systems is a fair bit more advanced, and still support exporting to an stl you can load in cura. You might need to tweak the support settings however instead of going with the defaults.

Thanks I have not considered this option!

I am going to give a try