Cura 3.6 Travel Speed


I have been using an older version of Cura and just updated to Cura 3.6. The issue is that when I am preparing the file with the new version the print time increases drastically (45min in old version becomes 2hours in new version).

When I checked the gcode I found that the travel speed for galvos has changed from 300mm/s to 100mm/s or 120mm/s (It keeps changing from file to file). Additionally there is no option to enter the travel speed in Cura 3.6 which used to be there in the old version. (see images below)

So, has the travel speed been changed due to some reason or is it a fault with the software?

Having to spend an extra hour to get the same print doesn’t seem to be a good improvement unless there is some serious issue with 300mm/s travel speed.

Untitled 018


the 3.6 version is already stable for Moai? last time i checked moai recomended the 3.5.1 version…


It says so in this post.


Is cura 3.5.1 still available? I can find only find cura 3.6 in Ultimaker website.



click on the 3 link (view all versions) and select the 3.51