Crushed surface com print bed

Hello Dear Community,

we urgently ask for help!
Unfortunately, we have a big problem:
we have a crushed surface from the printing bed.
Hopefully you can see it in the photos.

What can we do now ?
Where to get spare parts for the printer in Germany or Europe

Heads up, I can’t see any photos on this post, they may have failed to upload, etc.

UPS :))

That piece is replaceable, check out your closet resellers here:

oh wow all our european dealers are not really serious.

3D Partner is listed on German Bank as scammer and he don’t make Money Transfer to him and you see the Website of 3dp-depot?

If you need Legit Business Partner for Europe you can contact me.
I am the CEO of 3D Akademie.

for Moai 200 parts, please buy directly.

It is okay if you don’t want to buy from resellers but please don’t insult them if you are a business yourself and not their customer. You would understand how hard it is to run a business. 3D partner and our other resellers have helped many users. If you are their customer and they did not take care of you, then you have a legimate issue and you can take up with us and we will get it solved for you.

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