Creating molds - which paint do I have to use

I want to make negative molds from my printed objects. Now my question is what kind of varnish do I need to use to protect it so that the object doesn’t react with the silicone of the negative mold. I would be very happy about a quick answer.

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I believe that the chemical that inhibits silicon curing is sulfur. I have years of experience making silicon molds over models and used modeling clay to support the object and create the mold-break surfaces. Some clays were OK. Plasticine was bad.
Consider spraying polyurethane on the surface. Do a test sample first.
Actual “varnish” is probably not a good option as it is made from organic sources and probably incorporates sulfur.

What type of silicone molding material are you using ?
Tin or Platinum catalysed ?
Tin cure silicones will cure against almost anything, including sulfer bearing clays like Roma Plastelina. Platinum cure silcones will be inhibited by sullfur, I use Protolina clay in my shop so
I’m good with any moldmaking rubber.

If you don’t know or the spec sheet for the silicone your using doesn’t say, then mix a tiny amount
and put a dollop of the mixed material on small area of the print and let it flow out and let cure overnight.
If the thin film cures then you’re good to go, if not then use a acrylic clear coat, it sprays on thin
and won’t fill in fine details, 2 - 3 light coats. I don’t know where you are in the world but in
US I use Krylon Crystal clear. Note this will give you glossy castings from your mold, castings are a
reflection of what the mold surface is , if you need matte then use a matte clear coating.

Thanks for the tips, I’ve now contacted the manufacturer of the silicone. Don’t have an answer yet.