Create a eBook Writing Services

It’s crucial to have a web presence even if you don’t intend to open an ebook store. Making a website on a platform like WordPress or Shopify with a free domain name is a simple way to get started. Then you may use that website to advertise your books, hold contests, and/or establish an online store where readers can purchase digital versions of your book. To increase traffic from search engines like Google, you might also want to think about implementing some SEO (search engine optimization). Your potential audience will have access to all of your most useful information by virtue of having this online presence, whether it be a fresh and good hire ebook writers, a blog post, or a review of one of your books. The best ways to reach people outside of our community who might stumble upon your book in their local bookshop are through your website and social media profiles. Before they give it a shot, many authors don’t know the power of having an internet presence. But when they do, they frequently find there is almost no going back.

Why would it be crucial to have a web presence if you’re not selling something, or at least making money from it? Sounds like a recipe for a very time consuming hobby, as much fun as it can be to monkey around with web design.