Control Wheel's clicks not recognized

Hi guys, just built my original Moai kit (think it’s the 100), and today when I come to use it (hoping to do first print) the scroll wheel for controlling the printer does not register clicks, just scrolling up and down. I feel and hear an audible click as it goes in, and tried pressing strongly, reconnecting the control cable at both ends, double-clicking, everything you would think of. Have not spilled or even used any resin inside the printer. Where can I get a new control wheel in the US quickly?

PS. When it was working yesterday, I hated the wheel (easy to have it turn when I wanted just a press) Would much prefer 3 buttons.

This is a problem that several users have experienced. Please check that there is sufficient space between the pushbutton and the door panel. Otherwise the push function won’t work.

remove the cover cap and see if it still works, some users had this issue and it’s quite easy to fix

No, unscrewing the scroll wheel and removing the cap did not help. I was pressing the button plenty firmly in either case. I started playing around with shorting out the various pins and found which ones to short to indicate a right or left turn–couldn’t find which to short to indicate a click, but after shorting out some others, it started registering pushes again. Strikes me as unreliable though so I’ll try to order replacements from MatterHackers to have around.

Update: the scroll wheel is back to not clicking at all. Unscrewed it from the frame and removed the plastic wheel, and of course I made sure to press it hard enough to feel and hear an audible click–nothing. I discovered that shorting the red and white wires together simulates the click–problem is, you have to do it very quickly to prevent it from being registered as a double-click which takes you back.


Could you please take off the front panel and take a close up photo of the knob so we can see the wire connections to the control knob. Either post it on here, or please email it to

The cable is just fine, seated perfectly (after all, shorting the red and white pins on the knob board is recognized as a press).

Could you please provide a photo of the other end of the connection to the main board for us please.

I’m not around the printer right now. What could possibly be wrong at the other end? If it registers me shorting out the pins on the control knob board to simulate a click (not to mention turning the knob left or right), obviously the cable is plugged in properly. Just admit that the knob is crappy or I got a bad one…

It’s not a issue if its believing you or not, or anything like that. If there is an issue with a part of the printer, we do take care of it.

Can you please send an email to and include your shipping address, and order number, or where you purchased the printer, and a reference or link to this post so that we can get you sorted with a replacement.

I asked MatterHackers to send me a replacement, and they did immediately, without asking me to send photos that give no insight at all and otherwise treating me like a moron.

i’m sorry that they made you feel that way, but other than that, is the replacement works well?

Unfortunately it has the same problem (turning the wheel works, but pressing it in, even removed from the printer body and without the plastic wheel, is not recognized, so i have to short it out to get a click).

If you can please send an email to, and include your shipping address, and order number, or where you purchased the printer, and a reference or link to this post so that we can get you sorted with a replacement.