Control Wheel Failure

I am having issues with the control wheel / rotary encoder. The button action works, but the left right rotation does nothing. Please let me know how I can obtain a replacement.

I attempted to contact your Canadian reseller, but my emails are ignored.

Here are photos of the installation.

how long do you have the printer @citizenbane??

I purchased the printer new in September of 2018 @peopolysupport

unfortunately we only have a 1 year warranty, please order a new control knob
do you use your Moai often? The control knob doesn’t tent to failed

I’m not asking for a free control knob. I’m aware I’m not in warranty anymore. I’m asking HOW i can obtain a replacement. It’s not on your store. There’s no part number on the device itself. Your Canadian distributor ignores any support related emails, and my latest emails to are also ignored.

I just want to know how I can order the part…

I use my Moai a few times a week. Regarding your comment about the control knob not tending to fail, then please suggest what else might be the issue?

@peopoly @peopolysupport

would you mind giving us your email?

I have messaged you. Thanks.