Connector to screen becoming loose - Phenom L

Having done some successful test prints, the printer stops printing. We are finding the connector to screen becomes loose and the screen fails to work. We have changed the screen thinking its a faulty connection but the new screen does the same.

Any solutions?

You need to provide video or pictures, and it is best to contact by email, so that the peopoly technical service team can help you in time.

Does it come loose at the screen or at the board?

The easiest solution would be keep it in place with a piece of tape or you could get a replacement cable.

it comes loose on the screen, does not suggest in the installation of the screen to use tape to hold in place.
We purchased this machine a month ago, i do not expect the screen cable to come loose after a few prints, poor design!

On mine it is a tight fit, I just do it for extra protection.