Confusion between Asura and Cura

Hi ,
New Moai 130 owner. New to 3d printing. Built the kit and did my first test print, success! I’m having some confusion about using both Asura and Cura. Clearly some things are set in Cura. If I start in Asura and want to change one of the parameters in Cura, do I save it in Asura then open it in Cura. I notice that there is a Cura exe file included in the Asura files, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I did download and install the full Cura. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Asura is built on cura, using it as a slicing engine. I’ve not delved into it further than this but my understanding is for greater control of slicing you can use the moai profiles just in cura and ignore asura for slicing (though you will have to hollow/support things outside of cura).

For starters I’d say just work in Asura unless you have an idea of something specific you need to change and then investigate slicing with moai profiles in cura directly or something like formware which is an alternate slicer entirely.