Compensate x/y explanation


Where can I find clear explanation (with picture? ) for compensate x/y setting and how it adjusts concave shape. Is it for correcting galvo mirrors distortion effect ?

Furthermore, I can’t find explanation for “z intial speed too” . It looks like wiki website isn’t up to date



Hello @bilin Here is the Wiki for what all the settings mean. Hope this helps!



@Peopoly_Support_2 : Of course, that why I’m asking for the explanation!! There is no explanation for these both settings!! :rage:



Have you really read my post and your own wiki??..



hi @bilin sorry about the replies. Support2 just joined us as he is learning the rope. We have been overspreaded for the better part of the last 2 years and he is a much needed addition even as he needs to learn more about Moai’s technical issues. It is my fault not communicate this aspect of Asura clearly.

compensate x/y is more of the generic trapezoid distortion calibration from 2017. it does not do a good job as Asura because there are minor difference between machines and the non-linear distortion is not easily translated in mathematical formulas. You can still play with it but I recommend using default value and utilize Asura for distortion adjustment

z initial speed is how fast the z-axis arm (build platform) moves during the initial 30 layers. Please add below page that explains it @Peopoly_Support_2

the information on that page should be merged with firmware page



Thank you @Peopoly. No problem, we have all of us to learn every day.
It’s OK for compensate x/y setting.
But I have another question about z initial speed.
(there is nothing about it in the doku wiki links).
What is the use and utility for the 30 first layer on the build plate? Maybe lower the speed to reduce the suction/stick force?

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Maybe to be more gentle during the initial layers to help ensure good adhesion?