Coloring Clear Resin with dye?


I’ve seen another user color their clear resin with a dye of some sorts, has anyone experimented with this at all? Curious as I have successfully made clear pieces for several friends / clients using an auto clear coat.


I used a red dye from FunToDo and it worked nicely. I didn’t have time to experiment more but this one worked perfectly. I intend to do more experiments with the other colors. I mixed a drop of dye in the Peopoly clear resin. You may see a few of the results in the photos below. I did the prints a few months ago.


Awesome! I’d love to try and keep my resin as transparent as possible, do you think using a small amount would allow that, or do these pigments make the resin go full opaque?


It’s an interesting question. The color dilutes if it’s in a small quantity. If I remember well I think I used the white resin though and not the clear one. I remember that in the begining I put a small quantity of dye and the resin had a pinkier color. The printed white resin is glossy. As you see, my prints are opaques and mats. And they feel as well rougher at touch. I should try to mix the dye in the clear resin. I don’t know if it keeps its transparency. I will give a try.


If you put a very small quantity of dye it seems that the resin keeps its transparency and becomes colored as well! This kind of prints must be awesome ! image|1023x768


oh wow, I’ll definitely have to try some then!

Thanks for looking into that!


it’s possible to dye your resins
but be careful since some dark colors may affect your prints.