Clear resi nightmares

Hi, having serious issues trying to get any prints accomplished with neo clear resin. Have no problems with deft grey at all. Using chart parameters downloaded from here.

Also, it seems it’s not Printing in the spot I’ve chosen o the bed. It shows in the slicer the item is centered I the middle of plate. But the failed ori to are off centered.

Please help. Phenom L.

Sorry to hear about your printing problem. The most effective way to provide you with the best answer is to get as much information as possible from you.
The information we need from you:

order number
Where you are
Machine serial number (at the switch position in the lower right corner of the device)
Question survey information This is a support survey and covers factors that affect all key factors. Some may be answered, while others seem to be irrelevant to the question at hand. Please answer as completely as possible:

You can download it as a Word file and put the answer in