Clarification regarding Phenom L + new firmware & Chitubox 1.9

There is conflicting information currently in the support section here:

The setup guide mentions:
Chitubox Beta

Incidentally, it is mentioned all over the forum to not deviate from this version and I can separately confirm that my printer does not print sliced files from later versions.

There is a link at the bottom of the Phenom L section now for the 20210715 firmware which in the link mentions specifically Chitubox 1.9

In the linked instructions we see “Please do not share

I assume this was at one point beta instructions for a testing cohort?

The zip file and images are inconsistent - for example, my printer is currently running

V4.4.3h4_LCDH /3840x2160 /F2.11

The UI of my printer does not include the ‘Clean’ option.

I would like to use Chitubox 1.9 so I can take advantage of the improved support generation and know which version of firmware is latest.

Here is the version and UI from my unit:

Thank you!