Circle Test Fail

Hello everyone!

Recently when I attempted to print something the only thing that would print would be an odd shaped base.

Today I attempted to reconfigure my printer and while doing the circle test, the laser did not follow the circle. It seemed to be bouncing around in an odd pattern (video). The FEP Vat would then tilt and the laser would again attempt to print an odd shape.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?

That looks like it’s trying to print something other than the circle test for sure, especially if it’s tilting as if it’s moving to another layer. Well known problem with the current firmware is that it can print deleted or other than selected gcode files on the sd card if it isn’t formatted between uses.

I’d suggest formatting your sd card and trying again with only the circle test gcode on the card.

that’s another gcode is being printed, re-format the SD card should fix this problem

Thank you! That fixed it.