Chitubox V1.9.0 needs Phenom Noir Firmware V4.4.1_LCDH?

Hi, I noticed that in the latest Chitubox release, that the Phenom Noir does not meet the minimum firmware version.

See Minimum Supported Firmware Version
The minimum supported firmware reported is V4.4.1_LCDH for the Noir without providing a download link
The latest I could find from the google drive work directory is F2.11. (which has V4.3.4_LCDH)

Is there a firmware available that meets the requirements of Chitubox V1.9.0?
Or can the firmware I have be used with Chitubox 1.9.0 without issue?


The old version of the firmware cannot read the files sliced by the new version of the software. Do not upgrade the slicing software to version V1.9.0 for the time being, and upgrade it after the new firmware is released.

Once we upgrade to the new firmware, can we still use LycheeSlicer and UVTools for slicing?